New Jersey private career schools are permitted to open for in-person instruction beginning on July 1, 2020, pursuant to Executive Order No. 155. Schools must create a restart plan that complies with the requirements outlined in the Order below, and must post the plan online and provide to students and staff prior to resuming in-person operations.


  • INFECTION CONTROL: Albatenius has implemented an entire online operation to make sure that staff perform their duties working remotely from home, and for students to receive a reliable service from the comfort of their home and one click away. Should there be a need to conduct an in-person meeting, all participants will be required to go through a temperature screening in accordance with the CDC, state and local public health authorities.

  • PHYSICAL DISTANCING: Albatenius will be Enforce social distancing in classrooms, workstations, laboratories, clinical settings, and student seating areas through the school. That's if there was any need for any in-person event or meeting.

  • CLOTH FACE COVERINGS: Should there be any need for in-person presence Albatenius will require all faculty, staff, students, and visitors to wear cloth face coverings except where doing so would inhibit the individual’s health. Please refer to section below for further instruction on how to wash masks.

  • CLEANING AND DISINFECTION: All work spaces shall be cleaned and disinfected after use, high-touch areas like desktops, light switches, doorknobs, etc. will be disinfected periodically throughout the day.

  • HAND HYGIENE: If there were a need for in-person presence. Albatenius will Maintain adequate equipment and supplies for staff and students to wash and sanitize hands periodically. • Place stations with hand sanitizer with 60 percent or more alcohol content at all building entry points and throughout the facility. • Provide students and staff adequate break time to wash hands regularly.

  • Even though Albatenius is a distant learning and an online platform if there is any future plans of transitioning or implementing an in-person activity, Albatenius will Collaborate with local and State officials, including local health departments and local office of emergency management to share reopening plans and revise those plans as necessary. • Establish testing guidance and contact tracing protocols in consultation with local health officials and in line with existing State and federal health privacy statutes and regulations, at minimum, such protocols should include a mechanism to maintain a log of students, faculty, staff, and visitors to facilitate contact tracing and the reporting of any instances of COVID-19 to local health officials.

Below are resources that are beneficial and can offer further guidance: 

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New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development - New Jersey Department of Education.


NJDOL PCS Reopening Guidelines Final.pdf