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What You Will Experience

  • Integrity and Honesty

    We focus on putting ourselves in your shoes, then think of everything you need to know before going through what we've been through, complete transparency and nothing but the best intentions for you and your journey to a better professional life.

  • Professional Development

    We focus on sharing with you the skills and knowledge we believe that you need to improve your education experience outcomes and enhance the level of your professional development. Which ensures both increased confidence and credibility.

  • Utilizing Technology

    Digital content and platforms should enhance, not overwhelm, the education process. We are always updating our platforms to offer a designed experience that guarantees an optimal utilization level of the recent technology trends.

Watch Intro Video

Becoming a Pharmacist in The United States of America

This video is a part of a recorded session lead by our instructor Wesam Samour RPH, BCPS. This session was held to introduce foreign pharmacy graduates to the Pharmacy market and discuss in general the steps required to become a registered pharmacist in the United States.

Some Of Our Success Stories

Isabella Morais

Pharmacist, Brazil

My experience with Albatenius was very positive and uplifting. I took the TOEFL Exam course and the Practice Sets for FPGEE. In Wesam’s lessons I was able to fully understand the structure of the TOEFL Exam and it’s most updated format through practice examples and many different exercises. From the Practice Sets for FPGEE I was able to acquire the confidence necessary to successfully pass the exam. Besides teaching the courses, Wesam provided me with a respectful guidance with attention to detail, constructive criticism and advices. He is genuinely willing to help others. I trully identified myself with Wesam because he is a successful foreign pharmacist who went through the same process that I am going through nowadays. He understands the requirements and formats of each exam and he inspires me to complete the steps to become a pharmacist in the United States!

Ma'en Abu Gharbieh

Pharmacist, Jordan

Albatenius has an excellent and comprehensive preparation content for FPGEE. The videos are so helpful and the instructor has a clear voice and flow of thoughts. The questions bank offered me an nontraditional approach for the review, glad that I signed up with Albatenius and saved myself a lot of time and effort.

Odai Rababa'h

Pharmacist, Jordan

When I started studying for the FPGEE I had only three months to be prepared. I realized that the material is comprehensive. I reached out to Wesam - from Albatenius - for help. He provided me with a list of the most important topics, tips and all the strategies that I needed to pass the exam. The online simulation exams that Albatenius website offers were extremely helpful, It gave me the option to access the practice sets from my phone which made it very easy for me to study while I’m on my way to work and during breaks as I had only a few hours a day to study.

Eman A Elhowary

Pharmacist, Egypt

I was struggling to start studying for the TOEFL exam for several months after passing my FPGEE exam. I used to randomly pick English materials from the Internet, but I always wondered if these materials would help. Fortunately, I found Wesam who has been helping, and guiding the foreign pharmacy graduates in achieving high scores in the test. He has been responsive to all my questions, helping me in designing a comfortable study plan, my way, that fits my schedule to study, his helpful and positive attitude made the material easier for me. I have to say that Albatenius's material guided me superlatively as well. For all students out there, TRUST YOURSELF, follow the process, study and prepare yourself well, don't lose hope in achieving your goals.

Ijeoma Emery-Ibie

Pharmacist, North Carolina, USA

I PASSED FPGEE! Thanks so much Albatenius, thanks so much Wesam Samour and your team! Thanks for all your help and guidance especially being available whenever I had questions( and I had loads of questions 😃 )

Vamsi Bhavana

Pharmacist, India

Hello Everyone, My wife passed FPGEE this year with the help of Albatenius. Thank you Wesam Samour and staff. This course had covered all topics mentioned in the syllabus copy precisely

Burkay Dokuyucu

Pharmacist ,Turkey

I passed this year’s FPGEE with the help of Albatenius ! Working with Wesam and his team, I was ready for every question that I have seen in the test. Thank you guys again!

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